Easy Front Spoiler For Pioneer Mustangs and Camaros

by Bob Ward


The early TransAm rules didn’t allow the cars to use add-on aerodynamic devices such as front and rear spoilers, but as time went on and the rules loosened up just about all of those cars eventually received some aerodynamic upgrades.  You can add a front spoiler to your Pioneer Mustangor Camaro easily and inexpensively by modifying a spoiler from a Scalextric 69 Camaro.  All you have to do to the part to make it fit the Pioneer chassis is grind away some material as shown below so it will fit around the Pioneer car’s guide housing.  The front body posts are the same distance apart on both the Scalextric Camaro and the Pioneer pony cars, so the modified spoiler bolts right on.


This photo shows the stock spoiler (l.) and the modified one.  I removed the material using a Dremel Moto-tool with a sanding drum.


With care, you can modify the Scalextric part for a nice, snug fit onto the Pioneer chassis.  Some Pioneer cars have body mounting screws with heads too large to fit inside the spoiler.  If that’s the case with yours just rummage through your junk box for a pair of screws with smaller heads.  They are used on many different cars.


The spoiler gives your car a different and more aggressive look from all the other Pioneer Mustangs and Camaros  on the track. If you don’t have one in your junk box the spoiler is available in the Scalextric W8813 parts pack.

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