Work In Progress March 30, 2017

Corvette C6 GT1 conversion

In the last WIP post I showed you images of the Corvette C6R-C6 GT1/TransAm conversion I’m woeking on and also the sheet of decals I made for it.  Now I have all my homemade decals on the car and it looks like this…


Here’s a shot of the other side that also shows the GT1-style single large exhaust installed.


All of these decals, except for the racing numbers, are waterslides that were printed on my HP inkjet printer.  The numbers came from an Ultracals peel-and-stick sheet for 1/43 scale cars.  Now that race cars all carry timing and scoring transponders the numbers don’t have to be as big, leaving more room on the body for sponsor logos.  The numbers on the 1/43 scale decal sheets turn out to be just the right size for a contemporary GT1 car.

There are still some decals I need to make, including the TransAm series logo, and others to be added from various decal sheets in my decal box.  When all these are in place the body will receive several coats of Krylon clear and then be polished out to a smooth, glossy finish.

The original C6R windows, taillights, and interior will be used unchanged in this project.  When the body is completed I will install the magnet, motor, and lead wire/guide assembly into the chassis, mate up the chassis and body, and the car will be ready for the track.

More posts on this car to come.

Toyota Supra GT1


I’m always starting new projects even before the ones in process are completed.  I recently acquired a Ninco Toyota Supra Japanese GT Championship (JGTC) car for not too outrageous a price and I was able to begin a conversion I have wanted to do for a long time – A Supra GT1/TransAm car.  There never has been a supra in TransAm or GT1, though a US car builder built a Supra somewhat like a GT1 to be raced in a GT championship in Central America.  All present-day GT1 cars are a carbon-fiber body on a tube frame chassis with a pushrod V8 engine.  Most GT1 cars use NASCAR 358 engines, very often bought from the NASCAR teams.  Toyota has a NASCAR engine and any number of companies could produce the body and the chassis, so there’s no doubt that a Supra GT1 could have been built and raced.


These photos show the Ninco body sitting on a modified Scalextric TransAm Jaguar chassis, wheels and tires.  The chassis has been modified by moving the front axle mounting aft a bit to line up with the body’s wheel openings.  With a bit of trimming, which I’ll show you in the next post, the Jag chassis looks like it was made to fit the Supra body.

The car will get a few body mods, and a complete repaint as well as the same wing installation I’m going to use on the Corvette, mounting an NSR Corvette C6R wing into two vertical tubes.  I’m making that wing the spec wing for all my GT1 conversions, for now at least.  Later, I will have a 3D printed wing made especially for these projects.

More to come on this one, too.

V8 Stock Car Project.  

Here’s something I’ve been working on for a while now.


Back on the East Coast there is a racing series  know as the V8 Road Racing Series.  It’s sanctioned by the SCCA and mostly runs as part of SCCA race weekends.  Most of the cars in the series are some form of tube frame V8-powered stock car, ranging from all-out TransAm/GT1 cars to cars resembling and often converted from short-track late models.  Some classes run wings, some not.  Some use wide, GT1-style wheels and tires, others use the common NASCAR-style steel wheels.  Most of them more or less resemble some kind of tube frame stock car but each class offers racing at a different level of cost and technical sophistication.  Some classes also accommodate cars built from actual road cars, including Corvettes and other sports and GT cars.


What you see here is a prototype for a 1/32 scale winged V8 Stock Car.  It uses a sort of generic pre-COT NASCAR body on a complete, readily available running chassis.  VLH has several hundred of these bodies in a few different colors and access to an unlimited supply of the chassis.  We’re in the process of getting the wing mass-produced along with a couple of other parts that will allow us to put these cars together quickly and economically on a simple assembly line.  The wing on the car is a rough prototype I made to prove the concept and show the company that will be making them the general idea of what we want.

There will be several variants of the car in addition to the one shown above.  There will be one with NASCAR wheels and tires and no wing, and one with GT1 wheels and tires similar to the ones on the Corvette and Supra shown above, offered with or without the wing.

There will also be this one…


This will be a very basic version with completely stock RTR chassis and mechanicals and the lowest price we can offer (pricing is yet to be determined).  This will be perfect for a club “spec” stock car class and a good, durable car for beginners and children.  It will also be comparable in performance to Scalextric and Pioneer classic TransAm cars.

Watch future blog posts for more information.

Your comments and questions are welcome.  You can post them below or e-mail them to

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