Work in Progress 7-20-17

Toyota Supra GT1


The decal work is finished!  All the decals on this car, except the racing numbers, are my own creations.  I downloaded the various logos from the Internet, sized and edited them in Photoshop, and printed them on an HP inkjet printer at 4000 pixels per inch.  The numbers, as on my C6 Corvette GT1, are from an Ultracals peel-and-stick 1/43 scale sheet.

The orange paint, by the way, is the same Krylon spray can color as on the Corvette, and the Scalextric TA Jaguar wheels and tires are the same. also.  The match between the wheel centers and the body color is not quite perfect but it’s very close, and the paint color is a perfect match for the Gorilla Glue logo’s orange.  The wide stripe around the back end of the car is made up entirely of decals.

I picked Gorilla Glue as the car’s primary sponsor because I really like their gorilla graphics and also because I have been impressed with how the glue has performed in recent projects. The product also seems like one that might logically be promoted via a racing sponsorship.  And, of course, one can easily imagine Toyota getting on board with a GT1/TransAm car powered by one of its Toyota Racing development NASCAR pushrod V8s.


I might add a few more small decals but beyond that what remains to be done is to clearcoat the body and get it all nice and shiny, install the headlight and taillight pieces, complete the interior, install the motor and electrics in the chassis, and complete final assembly.  That shouldn’t be too long from now.

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