Victory Lap Hobbies is the essence of nearly a hundred years of combined experience in the slot car and hobby industry.  We are lifelong slot car racers and hobby industry professionals.  Working for other people we have built two businesses in succession from nearly nothing to leaders in the slot car e-commerce field.  Now, we are doing it for ourselves.  We now have the freedom to do slot car retailing the way we have long known it should be done and we are putting all our experience and knowhow to work providing our customers with outstanding products and service.

Who are we?  We’re the Ward Family of Puyallup, Washington.



Here I am in the stands at Portland International Raceway with my trusty Canon camera on one of my many research trips to races around the country.  I’m always adding to my library of well over 50,000 reference photos.  Going to races, where I’m surrounded by eye and ear candy and rubbing shoulders with the greats of motorsport for days at a stretch, is a grueling experience that taxes me to the limit, but it’s got to be done if I’m going to build slot cars that look like the real thing (or at least look like they could be the real thing).  Ah, the sacrifices I make for the sake of art!

I’ve been racing slot cars since 1962 (I won’t tell you how old I was then) and have loved every minute of it…well, almost every minute of it. There was that time at a USRA race when a riot boke out…no, we won’t go there today.  Perhaps when I write my memoirs…  Anyway, when it comes to slot cars I’ve seen it all and done it all.

Many of you already know me, though perhaps you don’t know you do.  Beginning in the mid-90s I worked for two slot car e-commerce operations (in succession, not both at the same time; that would have killed me for sure).  At both I was the slot car tech guru who identified himself as just “Bob”.  I handled all the technical correspondence and phone calls for them, being, literally, the only one there who could.  I also produced almost all the web site content, including product descriptions, tech articles, and snarky but brutally honest product reviews.  One time an executive from one of the major slot car manufacturers asked me when I was ever going to give one of his cars a favorable review.  “When you produce a car that deserves one,” I replied.  Now I’m doing all those things here at VLH, including all the photography and photo editing.  I love doing it but if any of you know how to clone me, please call.

You can reach me for slot car tech advice and information at  And be sure to read my blog right here on the VLH web site.



Hi, I’m that sweet cheerful voice you hear over the phone when you call the VLH warehouse.  I’m also the order pulling, packing, and shipping expert with years of experience in the slot car e-commerce business.  I’m also a slot car racer myself and have gone with Bob to countless races (both slot car and full-sized) in the 4 decades-plus we’ve been married.  Bob and I were both SCCA corner workers from the late 60s through the mid 80s.  We saw the golden eras of CanAm, TransAm, and Formula 5000, along with many SCCA amateur races, from flag stations from Riverside to Edmonton.  The only people closer to the action than us were the drivers.

I’ll get your orders shipped fast and accurately, and I’m available to take phone orders and answer your questions and help with problems involving ordering, shipping, and returns, as well as some slot car technical matters.  If I don’t know the answer I’ll connect you with someone who does (usually Bob).  E-mail me at or phone me at (insert # here).



I’m responsible for technology strategy and implementation at Victory Lap.  Technology is at it’s best when you don’t notice it’s there.  If I’ve done my job well you haven’t thought about how the website was coded or what hardware it runs on.  Rather, you’re just enjoying the shopping experience, or finding new hobby inspiration from one of our custom slot car articles.

My background includes more than a decade specializing in information technology engineering for large organizations including HP, Intel, Microsoft, Nordstrom, and the US Department of Defense.  In my spare time I enjoy Crossfit, running and PC games.

Have suggestions for improving the customer experience?  You can reach me directly




This is me on the beach at Monterey, California, during my army days. When I was a kid I had a lot of fun with my friends racing slot cars on Dad’s track and playing around with the race director’s PA system. Now I’m studying for my accounting degree and handling all the pesky business details like taxes, bookkeeping, and general organization so Mom can concentrate on running the warehouse and Dad can get paid for playing with slot cars. I also help out in the warehouse and with all kinds of other miscellaneous stuff.  I guess you could say I’m the CFO.  If we become a multimillion-dollar corporation the job may even grow into the title.

Well, that’s us, the Ward Family.  From our family to yours, the best of racing luck and thanks for shopping with us!

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